Small Employer of the Year Award- 2017 Finalist


Little Land Preschool & Early Learning Centre

Small Employer of the Year Award

2017 Finalist

New South Wales

Little Land Preschool & Early Learning Centre (Little Land) helps both children and families from all walks of life feel secure, respected and valued. The staff provide learning experiences for the children that cater to each child’s individual needs. 


Little Land has an extensive training program which requires all staff to undertake a minimum of 3 to 4 courses per year in areas such as first aid refresher, child protection, children with special needs and autism.


Educators are currently undertaking diploma programs, with a comprehensive support program available for all staff including mentoring, collaboration and time to do assignments.


The staff collaborate ideas as a team at monthly meetings so they can update, support and encourage each other throughout their work and study. This training has improved employee knowledge and skills which gives them greater confidence when interacting with parents and meeting the demands of a challenging job.

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"Such a professional and beautiful school to take my son and actually feel comfortable!!! Diane your truly amazing and I would have never put my son in if it wasn’t for you".

Halouni. A

"My children left crying today because the wanted to STAY AT SCHOOL. It was music to my heart and ears. Thank you Diane & staff for making a difference".

Adel S.D

"The centre is so clean and the children are treated so well. My child never leaves hungry and always leaves with a smile. Thank you to the all the staff. Your centre really stands out."

Rosie. P

"Excellent service, staff and great new renovations".

Antoine N







Champions of the West: Smithfield childcare centre director dreams of creating a wonderland for kids


MERCEDES MAGUIRE, The Daily Telegraph

March 10, 2015 10:00pm

DIANE Nohra wants to transform her childcare centre from a concrete jungle into a children’s wonderland.

But there are other priorities for funds at the Little Land Preschool in Smithfield she bought four months ago. 


The centre has a higher than average number of children with special needs attending and Ms Nohra has spent all available funds on extra staff to provide a better ratio of carers to children. This means money for resources such as new outdoor play equipment and synthetic grass have fallen off the agenda.


“I open my arms to all children and families from all walks of life. I don’t discriminate,” Ms Nohra said.


“But our resources are stretched paying for inclusion staff to support the regular staff and provide more of a one-on-one style of care for our children with special needs.


“Unfortunately that means we are left with little else to fix up the outdoor area or provide the resources I want inside the centre. At the moment it is pretty much all concrete outside and it’s a safety hazard for the children who could fall while playing.


“We would love to lay down some synthetic grass and use barriers to separate the babies from the older children.”

Ms Nohra said the centre has started fundraising through parents. A $10,000 grant would mean the centre can make changes a lot quicker.

She adds new sensory and visual equipment used inside the centre will help keep the 36 children focused and engaged, which will help with behaviour issues and create a more positive learning environment for all the children.


The Little Land Project is nominated in the Start Up category of The Daily and Sunday Telegraph and NewsLocal’s Champions Of The West awards, a grants competition as part of the Fair Go For The West campaign that consists of 14 categories, each offering a $10,000 grant.

CHAMPIONS of the West rewards ordinary people doing extraordinary things in Western Sydney to the tune of $10,000 grants in multiple categories.


The 2015 grants program is expanded this year to acknowledge the achievements of Western Sydney innovators and those making a difference in their community and respective fields.


This year’s categories include small business, education, sport, and the arts.

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