What does my daily fee include?

The daily fee includes nappies, wipes, all meals and snacks as well as extensive resources for our thorough learning programs. We also have a trained cook on site who prepares fresh meals from our Munch and Move approved menu.

How many staff members are on the floor each day?

There are typically 8 educators on the floor each day. We ensure we supply the correct students to educator ratio at all times.

Is the centre open on public holidays and over the Christmas break? 

The centre is not open on public holidays or during the Christmas break. We are open 51 weeks of the year. 


Can I change, add, increase or make up my days?

You may change, add and increase days if a minimum three weeks notice has been given and subject to availabilities. Our centre does not enforce a minimum number of days in our enrolment policy. As we are currently at full capacity, we are unable to facilitate make up days. If numbers decrease or in the event of a number of absences, our director may be able to organise a make up day. Please arrange a time to discuss this in our office. 

Do you have a school readiness program?

Yes we have a school readiness program that begins in June. The children are engaged in a variety of activities aimed to prepare them for kindergarten. Our program develops our students' fine and gross motor skills, self-help and organisational sills, phonemic awareness and letter, shape, colour and number recognition skills. We provide half yearly and years reports on students' readiness for school and provide transition statements for all our students embarking on their journey to kindergarten. 

Is your centre accredited with the NSW Department of Education? 

We recently underwent an accreditation process which measured our centre against seven National Quality Standards. We are very pleased to be exceeding national quality standards in two key areas and to have met the national quality standard i the reminding five key areas. 

What feedback can I expect to receive on my child's development?

Daily feedback is provided for each class via the Kindyhub mobile App and individual student reflections are provided at least twice a month. The App is an excellent way to receive feedback on how your child is going straight to your mobile phone and gives you the opportunity to communicate with us directly about the day to day fun and learning that takes place each day.